Sunday, November 30, 2008

Trying to kill me or what

 Oh wait thats what almost happened two weeks ago with the priest muwhahahaha, too bad for the druid maybe next time someone will leave a paper with us telling spells and stats next time. Oh and I did a boo boo I could have cast that spell on me instead of the druid feels a rock from the ceiling hit me on the head. This looks like its gonna be a lonnnnnnnnnnggg way getting to him if we keep running into groups like that,perhaps the druid should learn more healing spells as well to have two healers out there one tank and hmmmm one sorta stealthy half way no hit point taking thief. Maybe this time the fighter won't go off half cocked and run down and take two on and splitting up the group oh wait thats his nature hes a half pint anyhow.

 Thank you healer for saving there necks, okay yeah and mine too. But now it seems they will be warned and we will definitely need to figure out what spells to keep for the next couple of fights, cause we might get caught next time between them trying to get back to the safe spot there. Oh well we shall see how that shapes up or down.

    Alton Highhill

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

lucky for us

Okay now that was a close one, walking around in circles, being spotted from a far by giants of course. Okay I wasn't walking around in circles since I was low to the ground in the first place. But we do have to get some sort of signals going if I am gonna be pulling the group by rope whew that was a close one. And of course our little mess there walking around bumping into things scarying the cleric like that, and of course having the bear and our fighter lulled away by songs. Now this is when i need to learn to fly since it was the druid that was doing most of the work this time.

 Well at least we do know now the giants are afraid of the harpys, so now I know what to do on the next encounter at least. And why did we come back here knowing we almost ran into one of the groups of the giants.

  Well best of luck to us next week,

   King of thieves well sorta king

   alton highhill