Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Result of the Divination

You asked: "Should we relase the pit fiend?"

The answer:
The memory of the debt this master of the pit will carry will never be lost no matter the knowledge acquired or the accolades received

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

barely living

 Okay gotta admit it the fighter does come in handy, we all came together to dispatch them well most of everyone. Of course I am not gonna jump in the middle if I can hit them from afar with my bow. And he should get the hero point for last weeks excursion. But come on guys we do have to hit up a big town soon so I can hire someone to clean up my castle oh I mean our castle.

 And what gold do we have hmmmm since last I remember the priest lost some gems I believe heh.

  from the mighty adventures of
   alton highhill

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pathfinder RPG

The Paizo Pathfinder RPG character sheet is downloadable at: Pathfinder character sheet.

The RPG document is at Pathfinder RPG

If any of you have trouble downloading it, let me know and I'll put it on a thumb drive.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back into the breach...

We went back into the castle again today, though that lamia (lady) was a worry for us.  I'm thinking that I need to find another animal companion that can accompany me more on these jaunts.  All of this rock and stone makes me uncomfortable.  No nature around here to use in our defense.  Inside the place, it was fairly gory.  The kitchen had a gruesome brute who was using bodies and manikins.  We cleared out the floor and rested in the library.  Most of the place was trashed.  Then we went upstairs and took care of another brute.  There was no sign of that (lady) we met earlier.  I'm sure she'll come around eventually.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

barely making it

 Yes this has been awhile since anyone has heard from these little patter of feet on trying to sneak around. But also helps when a certain priest casts silence in the room, and thank you for doing so or it would have turned out to be a really nasty fight. And yes thank you thank you for my ever lasting attacks that nearly killed our opponent, had it not been for our druid as well for pumping me up for my attacks. Wait did I miss someone yes could it be that short dwarf that couldn't take the hits nearly getting killed again and couldn't even hit her oh my. Yes we are gonna hunt down her husband as well and make him bleed badly before he gives in and tells us everything we need to know, and cleric if you cant handle the sight of his blood turn away.

 So now I will let you all go and praise me for nearly taking her down but not without having all your aid as well.

 alton highhill