Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

Clearing out the house

Our bear friend has lead us to a huge old farmhouse.  Apparently, his friend is inside somewhere.  On the way there, we were welcomed by a disfigured ogrekin, though he was dispatched rather quickly.  Later, we met his mom inside along with her other children who were previously dispatched, but patched up again.  They were difficult, but the priest waylayed the kids while we took care of mom.
The rest of the house was heavily trapped.  Our thief tried out a new technique of detecting the trap by setting it off on himself.  Personally, I would have just tried to disarm the thing first, but I'm no expert.  I suppose this is like the technique our fighter has of running into the oncoming blade.  One time, this nearly killed him.  If it weren't for the priest stepping in and putting his two halves back together an instant later, he would have been dead.
We still haven't found our bear's friend.  Hopefully, he hasn't ended up like some of the other disfigured monstrosities we've seen here.