Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Boat voyage

We had a nasty boatride up into the mainland.  I still can't figure out what a shark was doing this far up a freshwater stream.  Nature's going topsy-turvy these days.  For some reason, all my party group had trouble keeping on their feet.  They were floppying around all over the place, evening falling overboard a couple times.  It was rough with that shark batting our boat around like that.  That octupus wasn't pleasant either.  We almost lost our ranger to her.  Luckily, it had a hard time dragging her overboard, and we were able to kill it before it succeeded.  Sushi anyone?
On the bright side, we met a nice bear.  I changed into a more friendly form and talked with him.  No sooner did he tell us off the hunter that trapped him, but the guy jumped out at us with a pack of dogs.  We dispatched him before he could get his spear within range.  The bear seemed trained.  He was very polite and cordial.  Quite handsome, too.  I don't know why anyone would want to harm such a fine specimen.  I think I'll stay in bear form for a while, just to be polite.  It's always more comforting to have one of your own kind around, and I think this form pleases him.

thank god for rangers

 Well one thing is for sure glad to have ranger girl with us cause if not we were gonna be toast there a couple of times, and who decided to go by boat hmmmm. Me thinks the priest is trying to get us killed or me killed faster. Next time we go by boat I am gonna be in the crows nest tied to it.  Finally made landfall and of course get attacked by an octopus thank the gods it wasn't able to get in all its attacks or we would have been dead, feels like gm is out to get us, sounds familiar wonder if gm and priest are related he he he.
 Now as far as being a mage of somesort looks like wizard would be better suited for me, but will talk amongst our group today I guess on that subject. Perhaps in our travels to the other town we are headed to I will have figured out what I will be.

 Well enough said for now

 alton highhill

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tim log

Jounal log,
               Well, my first water travel.It went by quickly,but some for some dangerous
               creatures i have never seen before up CLOSE! A giant shark was a eye opener
               since i found my self overboard.The second was small compared to the third
               for we allmost lost our ranger to a giant squid.But travel has been much quicker.
               I wonder if that is a good thing?

Monday, May 12, 2008

staying alive

 Okay yes I barely made it out alive again, I see I am gonna have to either tie a rope to the fighter or make hand gestures on which direction to go and not split us up like that last battle in the bell tower. I don't mind taking on attacks but being flanked and sneak attacked several times tends to make my decisions hesitant, like should I go now or stay and fight, he he he. Well one more floor up to check and then guess down or till we find the one person we are looking for in here. Oh well at least the druid has come back to his body so to speak and able to cast more spells to aid us, and that priest come onnnnn work with us lad, only kidding. But thanks to the fighter we nearly took that creature down.

 alton highhill

Monday, May 5, 2008

Tims notes

Journal log,
                Well our next stop seems to be a saw mill.We rested and then after talking
                with many,many,many people we finally found our way to it.We looked around
                a little and then opened the door.At first everthing looked ok, the mill was still
                running,but our first encounter was strange at best.Hooded and masked people
                attacked us.Casters they were.What seemed like a close battle at several times
                making our way through the mill,we encountered the leader.Dispaching him
                and searching the place turned up carrier birds,notes, and letters.They talked
                about Iron briar,at the shadow clock,receiving payment for a viral legacy,and
                a group called wenton of natural pagon form.The ones we fought here were
                skinsaw cultist,with necro masks.Something else the druid has been acting
                very weird these last 2 days,not himself if you know what i mean.We are
                heading back to town and find out were the shadow clock is from the birds.
                I guess we will see what is next.

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