Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Still No clue

 We seem to have made it through another adventure, and of course still no clue whats going on except making money from these guys. We did learn theres more necromancy involved with this group now that we are dealing with. And of course running into spending more money too for getting things done as well since we are in a bigger town, next time if it costs this much I vote to go to the smaller town hmmm. But there is one less lumber mill as well now, this one will run out of work for now that is. Still have to deal with the leader which now the druid has finally found out where he is, so we should stock up more on potions and what not and charge up the wands as well. The druid didn't do much this time as usual except she did get the wolf out to help, the fighter got cursed which was bad enough and the cleric jumped around helping me and the fighter out, where as I was the only one doing any damage to him at all.

 alton highhill

Monday, April 28, 2008


Journal log,
                Well,we were still unable to release this house of its curse.We gathered what
                we could of the clues and headed for town.Were hiring a historian with the
                hope that he will shed some light on it.Another clue was also picked up that
                will send us to the city.I missed figuring out the birds that guard the house to,
                The city is much bigger ,we think to go more discetly to this house.We were
                attack by faceless things as we searched.Found a hidden nook which we had
                a key.The deeds to two houses and another clue? Were going to rest now and
                check this place in morning.Another lumber mill!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Haunted mansion

 Take it from the priest that we get a haunted house to go back too and try and clear out and of course necromancy at that. But the masks of disguise are very nice thank you, and of course the ring of jumping as well. But what do we do we jump from one haunted house to another one with someone waiting for us as well at this condo, but at least they weren't undead. And of course with all this knowledge of whats going on at the mansion back at that little town and what we fought, we should be better equipped to deal with whats back there as well. Maybe the priest this time will be able to heal me better then 5 health back or 7 health back, hint hint to the priest heh.

 But now of course we have to search for the brotherhood of seven and eradicate them it seems, and also find this lumber mill explained in the ledger we found too. Oh what troubles we always seem to find ourselves in.

 yours truly the slow at opening boxes,

    alton highhill

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

last minute I know

 Well all we squeaked out of that one barely and yes I know now to not try and flank undead since they can't be flanked yes yes thank you I know. And this house is definitely cursed we need the priest to do something maybe go outside and bless it heh yeah right I know. Maybe this week we can try and not get the druid killed off okay maybe just a wee bit let me first rob her of the gold shes carrying. It is either the rats or the undead she is trying to talk too perhaps she should have been the priest since the priest can't even stay out of the fight of being almost killed. What we need to do here is fight humans, live creatures that I can sneak attack not these blasted rat swarms or undead creatures, hint hint. Now after this house we should definitely hit the town back up for more supplies and roam to a bigger town to unload some items as well, and maybe just maybe get some rings that helps our skills out, like agility for one.

 well enough said for now,

  Mr. Highhills here.aka getting better thief

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The curse ALIVE

Journal log.
                The curse seems to be still in effect.We still have not succeded in finding
                the source.Nightmares keeping us from getting rest.Party members seeing
                strange things,hearing as well.Our thief burst to flame in one instance.
                We must find the power some how.Then the house will be cleansed.Hope
                its found before we all go mad!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Journal log<
               We traveled to the mansion that has been said is haunted.Arriving we found what
               looks like the servants building burnt to the ground,There is oddly no living things
               here but weird looking crows.Moving on to the mansion our thief tries to open and
               then pick the lock with no success.We then check through our keys and one fit.
               Darkness, the whole place and some kind of fungus everywhere.We started 
               checking rooms and odd things started happening to us,and the crying voice.
               continuing to search for the voice led us to the top floor where we found a spirit
               I think of some sort trapped in a room. We let it out and followed it down,down
               to a very old stairway though the floor.Still following we ran into goblins,of
               the dead kind.Killing them again we ran to find her ,past a door and found
               her unmoving on the floor in front of a table where sat the owner,of the dead
               kind.He still went on about wanting our druid to be with him always! We killed
               him ,but now the search through the rest of the house.Maybe the curse lifted.

between 0000-00-00 and 9999-99-99  


Okay seems we did seem to squeak out of some more fights and of course no one has knowledge local, guess thats what I will have to grab next on my list.

master of somewhat thief he he he.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Old houses and sobbing women

I think we've come to the root of the unnatural influence in this area.  We went to the old hunter's house.  It was a rather elaborate domicile.  Apparently, he garnered influence in this area to leverage its purchase.  Unfortunately, this place seems to be infested with the undead.
Upon entering the house, we immediately heard sobbing sounds.  We followed the sounds to a room where an undead woman was crying.  When we opened the door, she immediately left to go downstairs.  Out of curiosity, and hopefully learn more of this place, we followed her.  This was rather difficult, because we had to fight our way through some undead goblins.  They were even more foul than their living counterparts, if you can believe that.
When we finally reached the lady apparation, she was already dispatched of by the owner of the house who, himself, was undead.  Apparently, after getting possession of this house, he was overtaken by the evil influences here.  A part of him still lived in his body, and came through for a moment during our struggle with him.  Eventually, we killed him, or re-killed him, or whatever the words are for making a dead person more dead again.
Now we have to clean out the rest of this house, so the attacks on the town will cease.  Perhaps how that we've gotten rid of whatever was possessing that man's body, the rest will be easier to handle.  I suspect that he was the controlling influence in this area.\

Friday, April 4, 2008

March of the Scarecrows

Well, we figured out who's behind all the killings around here.  Apparently, it's that dolt who wanted me to go boar hunting with him.  Today, we followed did some research into the killings, but didn't find much.  However, one of the notes hinted that it was this hunter wannabee.  We also trudged around the local farms where some ghouls hung the local citizenry on poles like scarecrows while their vile disease took over their bodies.  I think we cleaned most of them out and managed to save one woman and her son.  Now it's off to purge this town of an undead hunter wannabee (some kind of duke or count or something, as if it matters).  Join his pack?  Not in this life!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

thank god for priests

 Well finally the priest has shown his true colors on able to do something for our side on turning the undead. And the druid does what puts someone on his horse so he can't use the horse to attack, but was able to save the girl and boy it seems. And now we are back in the thick of things after figuring out who was sending her the love letters to join him. Now to finally end this threat of undead in the area cut off the head of the leader and perhaps the rest will fall, well at least be easier to kill then I hope.

  master of thieves
  alton highhill