Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another companion bravely defends us

When the rest of the party hesitated to traverse the bridge, my brave wolf companion lead the way. He held off the awaiting ambush for a long time while the rest of the party mostly managed to join in the defense after the goblins' flimsy bridge collapsed. Unfortunately, he gave his life in his duty.

On the bright side, I've managed to befriend and tame one of the goblin's poor abused animals. He will be my new companion and join me in pushing back this goblin infestation. I can only imagine the hatred he has towards those creatures. He will be a good ally. He has a fighting spirit.

Earlier, I managed to free other such animals penned in that grove. It's a shame how they were treated. These goblins deserve their fate.
Journal log
Well that was another close call.My inexperience has shone though once again.
Charging across a little bridge to help,maybe a little careless.Eh live and learn.
Being sheltered by my adopted parents when Mom and Dad died.Our wagon attacked
by strange creatures I still don`t remember, except for the nets they used.I still have
that fear of being captured,wonder if any of them noticed my fear of the spiders.
Well on the up note no one died.Although did have a bellyflopping hafling jump off
bridge.This castle with lookouts we might need help with,so I said we should return
to town.I hope my little incident has cooled down a little.Wow she was the fastest
shedder of cloths I ever seen boobs, hair,lips,and a screaming mad dad.Sure wish
he would have let me explain that I was there cause of the rats,honest.I`ll pray on it.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Attack of the killer bridge

Okay next time no rushing over bridges that are creaky, or stairs as well. Seems when a certain priest is trying to get me killed says go ahead theres nothing over there even though I might have had a better chance of knowing of an ambush. And thanks to the druid for saving your skins till you got over there to even it out. But we should get more aid if we plan on going back to the island, or move up again at least, and we should get more supplies: grappling hook, healing potions for myself since the priest is trying to get me killed. Now also good job on getting there pets released on the top there too so hopefully won't run into too many more of them up there as well. From now on I guess I will have to look at things more closely now too.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Attack on Thistletop

Since both Greg and Eric posted last week, they each get a Hero Point.

The PCs came to a bridge to the island where the goblins have a fortified outpost.

They attempted to cross the bridge, but the bridge fell (oops, a trap).

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All but the Quasit

We continued to slog through that miserable underground. Those un-natural monsters we met before kept trying to grab at us from underneath the catwalk. We kept seeing signs of the perversion of nature that men are capable of. There were contorted skeletons with multiple arms. At one point, we even met one of the creatures, a half gnome, half goblin monstrocity which we quickly put out of its misery. In pits around the creature were zombies, probably leftovers from previous experiments.

Then we came to demonic rooms with other examples of the strange perversion of nature. One had its gravity altered, so that things floated in the middle of it. Another had strange pools of red liquid that bubbled. Our Don Juan was insistent on collecting samples of the warped substance.

We finally got out to the surface, back into the natural world. In town, we regrouped, then set out on an expedition to help the enforcer of the town to check out another band of goblins. We found some hidden craftily behind thorns. Our band is currently rooting them out. They finally found the politeness to mention their names, so eventually I'll have to make an effort to remember them. For now, we do have similar enemies. Gre

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

That was close

So far it is going well for us, but we did forget to vote for the hero point. And being a rogue and all I figure I should steal it from everyone this time, okay steal is a harsh word. How about sleight of hands then into your pockets I go. And yes good idea to come back to take out the quassit, but now we know where they are coming from down here at least, and what else do they protect down here then as well.