Monday, December 22, 2008

your trying to kill me

Well last week was another rough one, of course what do we do, we get a bunch of low level dwarves and end up letting more then half of them die. Okay dwarf in our group you could at least say stay back so you wont die. And of course the druid sits there and takes more damage and doesn't even move from the spot what was she thinking.

 The fighter didn't do too bad this time, and I am getting tired of not being able to sneak attack these guys muwhahahaha. And this time the priest comes through again with healing us, but as far as hero point the hero should get it. But maybe this next time he will walk around them so maybe I can sneak attack them, ponders the dwarf listening to us NOT.

 Well hopefully I will live again this time,ponders about cats grace hmmm come on druid oh well thats another discussion with them.

 alton highhill

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