Monday, May 5, 2008

Tims notes

Journal log,
                Well our next stop seems to be a saw mill.We rested and then after talking
                with many,many,many people we finally found our way to it.We looked around
                a little and then opened the door.At first everthing looked ok, the mill was still
                running,but our first encounter was strange at best.Hooded and masked people
                attacked us.Casters they were.What seemed like a close battle at several times
                making our way through the mill,we encountered the leader.Dispaching him
                and searching the place turned up carrier birds,notes, and letters.They talked
                about Iron briar,at the shadow clock,receiving payment for a viral legacy,and
                a group called wenton of natural pagon form.The ones we fought here were
                skinsaw cultist,with necro masks.Something else the druid has been acting
                very weird these last 2 days,not himself if you know what i mean.We are
                heading back to town and find out were the shadow clock is from the birds.
                I guess we will see what is next.

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