Tuesday, May 27, 2008

thank god for rangers

 Well one thing is for sure glad to have ranger girl with us cause if not we were gonna be toast there a couple of times, and who decided to go by boat hmmmm. Me thinks the priest is trying to get us killed or me killed faster. Next time we go by boat I am gonna be in the crows nest tied to it.  Finally made landfall and of course get attacked by an octopus thank the gods it wasn't able to get in all its attacks or we would have been dead, feels like gm is out to get us, sounds familiar wonder if gm and priest are related he he he.
 Now as far as being a mage of somesort looks like wizard would be better suited for me, but will talk amongst our group today I guess on that subject. Perhaps in our travels to the other town we are headed to I will have figured out what I will be.

 Well enough said for now

 alton highhill

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