Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Boat voyage

We had a nasty boatride up into the mainland.  I still can't figure out what a shark was doing this far up a freshwater stream.  Nature's going topsy-turvy these days.  For some reason, all my party group had trouble keeping on their feet.  They were floppying around all over the place, evening falling overboard a couple times.  It was rough with that shark batting our boat around like that.  That octupus wasn't pleasant either.  We almost lost our ranger to her.  Luckily, it had a hard time dragging her overboard, and we were able to kill it before it succeeded.  Sushi anyone?
On the bright side, we met a nice bear.  I changed into a more friendly form and talked with him.  No sooner did he tell us off the hunter that trapped him, but the guy jumped out at us with a pack of dogs.  We dispatched him before he could get his spear within range.  The bear seemed trained.  He was very polite and cordial.  Quite handsome, too.  I don't know why anyone would want to harm such a fine specimen.  I think I'll stay in bear form for a while, just to be polite.  It's always more comforting to have one of your own kind around, and I think this form pleases him.

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