Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Still No clue

 We seem to have made it through another adventure, and of course still no clue whats going on except making money from these guys. We did learn theres more necromancy involved with this group now that we are dealing with. And of course running into spending more money too for getting things done as well since we are in a bigger town, next time if it costs this much I vote to go to the smaller town hmmm. But there is one less lumber mill as well now, this one will run out of work for now that is. Still have to deal with the leader which now the druid has finally found out where he is, so we should stock up more on potions and what not and charge up the wands as well. The druid didn't do much this time as usual except she did get the wolf out to help, the fighter got cursed which was bad enough and the cleric jumped around helping me and the fighter out, where as I was the only one doing any damage to him at all.

 alton highhill

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