Friday, April 11, 2008

Old houses and sobbing women

I think we've come to the root of the unnatural influence in this area.  We went to the old hunter's house.  It was a rather elaborate domicile.  Apparently, he garnered influence in this area to leverage its purchase.  Unfortunately, this place seems to be infested with the undead.
Upon entering the house, we immediately heard sobbing sounds.  We followed the sounds to a room where an undead woman was crying.  When we opened the door, she immediately left to go downstairs.  Out of curiosity, and hopefully learn more of this place, we followed her.  This was rather difficult, because we had to fight our way through some undead goblins.  They were even more foul than their living counterparts, if you can believe that.
When we finally reached the lady apparation, she was already dispatched of by the owner of the house who, himself, was undead.  Apparently, after getting possession of this house, he was overtaken by the evil influences here.  A part of him still lived in his body, and came through for a moment during our struggle with him.  Eventually, we killed him, or re-killed him, or whatever the words are for making a dead person more dead again.
Now we have to clean out the rest of this house, so the attacks on the town will cease.  Perhaps how that we've gotten rid of whatever was possessing that man's body, the rest will be easier to handle.  I suspect that he was the controlling influence in this area.\

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