Friday, April 4, 2008

March of the Scarecrows

Well, we figured out who's behind all the killings around here.  Apparently, it's that dolt who wanted me to go boar hunting with him.  Today, we followed did some research into the killings, but didn't find much.  However, one of the notes hinted that it was this hunter wannabee.  We also trudged around the local farms where some ghouls hung the local citizenry on poles like scarecrows while their vile disease took over their bodies.  I think we cleaned most of them out and managed to save one woman and her son.  Now it's off to purge this town of an undead hunter wannabee (some kind of duke or count or something, as if it matters).  Join his pack?  Not in this life!

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Izzy said...

291 XP and one Hero Point