Tuesday, April 22, 2008

last minute I know

 Well all we squeaked out of that one barely and yes I know now to not try and flank undead since they can't be flanked yes yes thank you I know. And this house is definitely cursed we need the priest to do something maybe go outside and bless it heh yeah right I know. Maybe this week we can try and not get the druid killed off okay maybe just a wee bit let me first rob her of the gold shes carrying. It is either the rats or the undead she is trying to talk too perhaps she should have been the priest since the priest can't even stay out of the fight of being almost killed. What we need to do here is fight humans, live creatures that I can sneak attack not these blasted rat swarms or undead creatures, hint hint. Now after this house we should definitely hit the town back up for more supplies and roam to a bigger town to unload some items as well, and maybe just maybe get some rings that helps our skills out, like agility for one.

 well enough said for now,

  Mr. Highhills here.aka getting better thief

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Izzy said...

128 XP and one hero point