Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Haunted mansion

 Take it from the priest that we get a haunted house to go back too and try and clear out and of course necromancy at that. But the masks of disguise are very nice thank you, and of course the ring of jumping as well. But what do we do we jump from one haunted house to another one with someone waiting for us as well at this condo, but at least they weren't undead. And of course with all this knowledge of whats going on at the mansion back at that little town and what we fought, we should be better equipped to deal with whats back there as well. Maybe the priest this time will be able to heal me better then 5 health back or 7 health back, hint hint to the priest heh.

 But now of course we have to search for the brotherhood of seven and eradicate them it seems, and also find this lumber mill explained in the ledger we found too. Oh what troubles we always seem to find ourselves in.

 yours truly the slow at opening boxes,

    alton highhill

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