Friday, March 28, 2008

Re: Death of the claw lady

Nuevela's Diary:
Today, we found an, as yet, undiscovered part of this place.  It even surprised the witch lady / scholar.  There was some kind of old apparation that tried to tell us something.  Apparently, it was an older Thessalonian ruler, and the lady was able to fill us in on some of the details.  However, her scholarly curiousity wasn't strong enough to overcome her fear when we met another unnatural beast in this place.  It managed to stay invisible while it attacked us, nearly killing me.  I feel so naked without my animal companion down here with me.
Afterwards, we went back to town and were given a warm reception.  We introduced our intrepid mercenary to the local authorities, who gave him a job there.  Hopefully, his luck in picking companions will improve in the future.  Of course, our heightened respect in this town has also made them think they can burden us with all of their problems.  We're currently trying to track down a petty murder for them.  Though, in looking at it, it seems to have yet more unnatural aspects to it.
More filth to rout out...

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