Wednesday, March 5, 2008

More abominations purged

We cleared out the first floor and most of the second of the abminations in this place. I also learned that our party can actually meet people without killing them. There was a researcher down below who seemed neutral to the whole thing. She seemed concerned more about us damaging anything than any other denizens of this place. There was also a mercenary type who seemed to enjoy his privacy. That's fine. Mercenaries can be bought. Men rarely have loyalties to men.

Also, Shadowmist has fully accepted me as a companion. He's a bit cramped down in this place, but holds his own. I'm worried that he won't be able to follow to certain areas, but the researcher seems trustworthy enough.

It looks like the men here have been favoring other abominations here. There was an altar room of sorts with some nasty unnatural doglike creatures. The people doing this, of course, will have to die.

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Izzy said...

225 XP and a Hero Point