Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Loyal beasts, callous men

My companion lived up to his spirit and bravely attacked the goblins that tried to ambush us again at the bridge. Unfortunately, he, too, gave his life in defending nature against these abominations.

I'm troubled, though. On the way back to town, I overheard them going on and on about how "lucky" we were in that none of our party members died. None died?! I'm sure nobody in our group could pronounce their names, but those brave spirits who joined me in combating those infernal goblins were known to me! And those animals spoke highly of our group, though in hindsight, they were right to distrust them some. And this group calls itself civilized?!

One bright note... We did find a great war horse named Shadowmist, who I will also call Gobfoot, because he managed to bring down more goblins under his hoof than we have total. I sure hope this group treats him with more respect. I shall endeavor win his trust and make him my loyal companion.

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Izzy said...

110 XP and a Hero Point