Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Journal log
               Well we finally found the one we were looking for.She also had company,
               our not friends we ran into down here.He is a fighter,she a mage and a
               hound of some sort.It looked bad at first cause the thief was scared off,
               the druid went after him.I was stuck in the a corner as with the fighter,
               and when I saw him fall all was lost.The odds changed when the fighter
               changed sides things ,the hound died,the fighter was healed and that
               mage ran which just made it a matter of time.I just cant think of why she
               did that to herself.We are continuing on but we werent sure of the two,
               so we took there weapons and tied them up and are continuing on.
               I pray for us to set this right.

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