Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fort of Woes

Well seems we have lived another week no one died yet, but the priest sure tried too, and of course this time the druids horse didn't get smacked around. And yes I made sure I checked everything this time so I didn't get blown up from anything. We still are having troubles with the dwarf he still likes to charge in a room while we are still making sure nothing is there to hurt us. Also we are finding out this fort has more to offer, first we find a mage reading ancient scrolls then theres a resident here as well renting out a room. And from what she said there are at least a couple others around here, I would like to know what they are doing here, now why are we the ones being attacked and not the humans here in the fort.

We have also uncovered up what seems to be a map on the second level that shows what they are planning on doing in the next couple of months as attacking the town. Also found a secret entrance to the third level and after clearing up the second level I think we should travel back that way and clear out this place once and for all. And hopefully we will be a wee bit stronger as well taking on what lies on the third level. Perhaps we can turn this fort into something the town can use to aid them in case of another attack on them, or a good launching pad to search out more goblins, but of course we would sell it to them can't just give this away since we are the ones doing all the work here.

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