Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Death of the claw lady

We continued on our task, routing out this place of those unnatural demons.  The rogue is finally making himself useful.  He found some traps alone the way.  I had to leave me horse in the upper levels as we descended to the lower rooms.  The stairway was too narrow.

Down below, we found that guy we saw in the room, the researcher, another of those demon dogs, and a lady with a claw hand.  That researcher (I hesitate to call her the "B" word, because I like dogs more than that) attacked us along with the others.  Eventually, though the guy turned on his own group, apparently fed up with being with them.  He aided us in bringing down claw lady and her dog demon.

From her notes, we determined she was some kind of celestial gone demonic.  Another product of a bad childhood.  I think it's good she killed her dad, considering what he unleashed on the world.  I never was one to respect man's religions.  Nature has its own order, which must be respected.  We managed to take research lady alive and apparently the guy has some kind of crush on her, so we're not going to kill her right away.  I think the theif wants her dead, so I wouldn't take bets on her survival.

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