Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Barely making it out alive

 Well we made it out alive again just barely well almost we still have another area to search. And thanks to the other guy coming to our side was a deciding factor, plus failing twice my saves didn't help either. I still want to kill the mage, we should always remember mistakes like that come back and bite us in the arse somehow. Well we didn't pick a person as the hero of this group again. Its a toss up actually I would pick the priest cause if he didn't keep us alive we wouldn't have made it through as well, and yes the fighter NEEDS to buy some healing potions. Okay you can take the mage to the town and let her stand trial for aiding someone that organized the attacks on the town.


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Izzy said...

Obviously, this is Greg's comment.

Greg, please logout and login as yourself!

300 XP and a Hero Point.