Wednesday, February 6, 2008

That was close

So far it is going well for us, but we did forget to vote for the hero point. And being a rogue and all I figure I should steal it from everyone this time, okay steal is a harsh word. How about sleight of hands then into your pockets I go. And yes good idea to come back to take out the quassit, but now we know where they are coming from down here at least, and what else do they protect down here then as well.


Eric said...

I knew it was trouble, coming to this fair. I never liked towns that much. Animals are infinitely more civilized than us humans can be. A group of us kind of came together after a handful of goblins attacked the town. I guess I'll stick with them until we get rid of those unnatural beasts.

However, that means I have to stick around town longer than I wished. It's embarrassing, really. One of our group can't keep it in his pants. Another can't keep his hands out of other's pants. The last, I haven't figured out, but he fights well. A bit clumsy, though. He keeps leaning into the blows.

To continue this drama, we now have learned that there's some business between two brothers. One seems to have instigated this goblin raid. We subdued him at the glassworks and threw his obsessed little butt in jail. He seems obsessed about another woman (seems a running theme), who is obsessed about self-modification / mutilation.

I'd list names, but I really hope not to be around long enough to learn them. The sooner we rid this area of goblins, the better. They killed my horse!

Izzy said...

Greg gets a Hero Point and 75 XP for first post.

Eric gets a Hero Point and 75 XP for a POV post.

wolfie said...

Well another eventful couple of days beneath the town, of course we don't have knowledge local. So we can't figure out whats up with the statue underneath, the priest says go ahead open up the doors nothing will happen and of course I get attacked twice almost knocked unconscious. As far as the cleric he definitely needs more help in casting healing spells here 2 health to me twice is rough. Now the druid was useful because of her wolf doing lots of damage to the critters but as far as her figuring out anything magic wise still needs work. Now of course the fighter finally decided not to try and grapple anyone during these past few days down here. And of course myself not bragging here but was very useful opening a locked door here and there is nice.
Now as far as traveling companions we do need to work on some organization, definitely the cleric cannot go with anyones daughters anywhere alone since we can't have another botched attempt with any shop keepers. But all in all we seem to be coming together as a group, just have to figure out who's in front and so on.Well enough said for now since it looks like we are in the thick of it again hint hint briar patch.