Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Journal log
Well that was another close call.My inexperience has shone though once again.
Charging across a little bridge to help,maybe a little careless.Eh live and learn.
Being sheltered by my adopted parents when Mom and Dad died.Our wagon attacked
by strange creatures I still don`t remember, except for the nets they used.I still have
that fear of being captured,wonder if any of them noticed my fear of the spiders.
Well on the up note no one died.Although did have a bellyflopping hafling jump off
bridge.This castle with lookouts we might need help with,so I said we should return
to town.I hope my little incident has cooled down a little.Wow she was the fastest
shedder of cloths I ever seen boobs, hair,lips,and a screaming mad dad.Sure wish
he would have let me explain that I was there cause of the rats,honest.I`ll pray on it.

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Izzy said...

One hero point and 100 XP.