Sunday, February 24, 2008

Attack of the killer bridge

Okay next time no rushing over bridges that are creaky, or stairs as well. Seems when a certain priest is trying to get me killed says go ahead theres nothing over there even though I might have had a better chance of knowing of an ambush. And thanks to the druid for saving your skins till you got over there to even it out. But we should get more aid if we plan on going back to the island, or move up again at least, and we should get more supplies: grappling hook, healing potions for myself since the priest is trying to get me killed. Now also good job on getting there pets released on the top there too so hopefully won't run into too many more of them up there as well. From now on I guess I will have to look at things more closely now too.

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Izzy said...

A hero point for Greg and 200 XP for his PC.