Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another companion bravely defends us

When the rest of the party hesitated to traverse the bridge, my brave wolf companion lead the way. He held off the awaiting ambush for a long time while the rest of the party mostly managed to join in the defense after the goblins' flimsy bridge collapsed. Unfortunately, he gave his life in his duty.

On the bright side, I've managed to befriend and tame one of the goblin's poor abused animals. He will be my new companion and join me in pushing back this goblin infestation. I can only imagine the hatred he has towards those creatures. He will be a good ally. He has a fighting spirit.

Earlier, I managed to free other such animals penned in that grove. It's a shame how they were treated. These goblins deserve their fate.


Izzy said...

One hero point and 50 XP

wolfie said...

Fast moving dwarf,killer box.

Well I tried to get myself killed today by opening a box without even disarming the trap first. And of course our fast moving dwarf who just jumps in the thick of it after I pick the lock> Well hopefully after that last encounter he will be a wee bit more careful on charging in a room.
And then theres the druid of course he gets another animal friend and what does he do, nearly gets this one killed off again. A priest who gets stuck in the entanglement outside during the encounter too outside the fort, what a shame.

And of course there is myself a thief that doesn't even check for a trap first goes fingers first into a box. So it seems we are the perfect group to be together, a fighter that wants to wrestle instead of fighting sometimes, a druid thats trying to get his animals killed a priest hmmm who is only good for is using the wand right now, and of course myself a thief that is trying to get myself blown up.

Hopefully this next encounter of this place we will take heed and go a wee bit slower.

Izzy said...

Man, Greg does first again. He gets a Hero Point and 48 XP!

Oh, and I am devising a scheme for giving out differing XP based upon when the comments are posted.