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Dear Client, We are writing concerning the amount of $3525.82 which was due to be paid on 01.05.2016 and, despite numerous requests for payment, remains outstanding. Details attached to this email. We demand that payment of the full amount be paid to us on or before 10.05.2016. If this account is not resolved by the specified date we reserve the right to commence legal proceedings to recover the debt without further notice to you, and you may be responsible for any associated legal fees or collection costs. If you wish to prevent this, please contact the undersigned as a matter of urgency and settle your account before the above date. Regards, Kent Hoover Product Director

Third Reminder - Outstanding Account

Dear Client,

We have recently sent you a number of letters to remind you that the balance of $4684.71 was overdue.
For details please check document attached to this mail

We ask again that if you have any queries or are not able to make full payment immediately, please contact us.


Serena Merrill
Sales Director

Friday, April 29, 2016

Attached Picture

Second Reminder - Unpaid Invoice

We wrote to you recently reminding you of the outstanding amount of $2527.97 for Invoice number #D11A47, but it appears to remain unpaid.
For details please check invoice attached to this mail


Randell Blackwell
Technical Manager - General Insurance

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday, May 31, 2010

Cleric trials

Hey thought I would send ya a e mail for running off those cds. If ya have a chance?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

trying to kill me

Okay now I know they are trying to get rid of me, not wanting a master rogue slash partial mage.  So what do we do again we split up and now a couple of us are in trouble again. Guess we are gonna have to try something different hmmm maybe gang up on the one thats about to end my life.

 Will see how it turns out tonight hmmm come on live live master thief.

 Alton highhill

Monday, December 22, 2008

your trying to kill me

Well last week was another rough one, of course what do we do, we get a bunch of low level dwarves and end up letting more then half of them die. Okay dwarf in our group you could at least say stay back so you wont die. And of course the druid sits there and takes more damage and doesn't even move from the spot what was she thinking.

 The fighter didn't do too bad this time, and I am getting tired of not being able to sneak attack these guys muwhahahaha. And this time the priest comes through again with healing us, but as far as hero point the hero should get it. But maybe this next time he will walk around them so maybe I can sneak attack them, ponders the dwarf listening to us NOT.

 Well hopefully I will live again this time,ponders about cats grace hmmm come on druid oh well thats another discussion with them.

 alton highhill

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Trying to kill me or what

 Oh wait thats what almost happened two weeks ago with the priest muwhahahaha, too bad for the druid maybe next time someone will leave a paper with us telling spells and stats next time. Oh and I did a boo boo I could have cast that spell on me instead of the druid feels a rock from the ceiling hit me on the head. This looks like its gonna be a lonnnnnnnnnnggg way getting to him if we keep running into groups like that,perhaps the druid should learn more healing spells as well to have two healers out there one tank and hmmmm one sorta stealthy half way no hit point taking thief. Maybe this time the fighter won't go off half cocked and run down and take two on and splitting up the group oh wait thats his nature hes a half pint anyhow.

 Thank you healer for saving there necks, okay yeah and mine too. But now it seems they will be warned and we will definitely need to figure out what spells to keep for the next couple of fights, cause we might get caught next time between them trying to get back to the safe spot there. Oh well we shall see how that shapes up or down.

    Alton Highhill

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

lucky for us

Okay now that was a close one, walking around in circles, being spotted from a far by giants of course. Okay I wasn't walking around in circles since I was low to the ground in the first place. But we do have to get some sort of signals going if I am gonna be pulling the group by rope whew that was a close one. And of course our little mess there walking around bumping into things scarying the cleric like that, and of course having the bear and our fighter lulled away by songs. Now this is when i need to learn to fly since it was the druid that was doing most of the work this time.

 Well at least we do know now the giants are afraid of the harpys, so now I know what to do on the next encounter at least. And why did we come back here knowing we almost ran into one of the groups of the giants.

  Well best of luck to us next week,

   King of thieves well sorta king

   alton highhill

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Barely making it

  Okay you would think we would get some brains here, almost getting killed the first time of taking on a giant then of course the bigger one happens to be a mage figures. So we leave out rest and then walk right back in to finding our butts in another mess of ogres this time worse then the first time not sure which i would rather run into, okay yes I do know the mage one. Priesty boy is definitely got his work cut out now, trying to keep me especially alive even though the fighter can take some damage. Where are those celestial bisons now that we need them, and where are all the treasure boxes hmmm you think a dark damp area would have something for me to try and crack open and live through another messed up trap.

  Alton highhill

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Result of the Divination

You asked: "Should we relase the pit fiend?"

The answer:
The memory of the debt this master of the pit will carry will never be lost no matter the knowledge acquired or the accolades received

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

barely living

 Okay gotta admit it the fighter does come in handy, we all came together to dispatch them well most of everyone. Of course I am not gonna jump in the middle if I can hit them from afar with my bow. And he should get the hero point for last weeks excursion. But come on guys we do have to hit up a big town soon so I can hire someone to clean up my castle oh I mean our castle.

 And what gold do we have hmmmm since last I remember the priest lost some gems I believe heh.

  from the mighty adventures of
   alton highhill

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pathfinder RPG

The Paizo Pathfinder RPG character sheet is downloadable at: Pathfinder character sheet.

The RPG document is at Pathfinder RPG

If any of you have trouble downloading it, let me know and I'll put it on a thumb drive.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back into the breach...

We went back into the castle again today, though that lamia (lady) was a worry for us.  I'm thinking that I need to find another animal companion that can accompany me more on these jaunts.  All of this rock and stone makes me uncomfortable.  No nature around here to use in our defense.  Inside the place, it was fairly gory.  The kitchen had a gruesome brute who was using bodies and manikins.  We cleared out the floor and rested in the library.  Most of the place was trashed.  Then we went upstairs and took care of another brute.  There was no sign of that (lady) we met earlier.  I'm sure she'll come around eventually.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

barely making it

 Yes this has been awhile since anyone has heard from these little patter of feet on trying to sneak around. But also helps when a certain priest casts silence in the room, and thank you for doing so or it would have turned out to be a really nasty fight. And yes thank you thank you for my ever lasting attacks that nearly killed our opponent, had it not been for our druid as well for pumping me up for my attacks. Wait did I miss someone yes could it be that short dwarf that couldn't take the hits nearly getting killed again and couldn't even hit her oh my. Yes we are gonna hunt down her husband as well and make him bleed badly before he gives in and tells us everything we need to know, and cleric if you cant handle the sight of his blood turn away.

 So now I will let you all go and praise me for nearly taking her down but not without having all your aid as well.

 alton highhill

Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

Clearing out the house

Our bear friend has lead us to a huge old farmhouse.  Apparently, his friend is inside somewhere.  On the way there, we were welcomed by a disfigured ogrekin, though he was dispatched rather quickly.  Later, we met his mom inside along with her other children who were previously dispatched, but patched up again.  They were difficult, but the priest waylayed the kids while we took care of mom.
The rest of the house was heavily trapped.  Our thief tried out a new technique of detecting the trap by setting it off on himself.  Personally, I would have just tried to disarm the thing first, but I'm no expert.  I suppose this is like the technique our fighter has of running into the oncoming blade.  One time, this nearly killed him.  If it weren't for the priest stepping in and putting his two halves back together an instant later, he would have been dead.
We still haven't found our bear's friend.  Hopefully, he hasn't ended up like some of the other disfigured monstrosities we've seen here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Boat voyage

We had a nasty boatride up into the mainland.  I still can't figure out what a shark was doing this far up a freshwater stream.  Nature's going topsy-turvy these days.  For some reason, all my party group had trouble keeping on their feet.  They were floppying around all over the place, evening falling overboard a couple times.  It was rough with that shark batting our boat around like that.  That octupus wasn't pleasant either.  We almost lost our ranger to her.  Luckily, it had a hard time dragging her overboard, and we were able to kill it before it succeeded.  Sushi anyone?
On the bright side, we met a nice bear.  I changed into a more friendly form and talked with him.  No sooner did he tell us off the hunter that trapped him, but the guy jumped out at us with a pack of dogs.  We dispatched him before he could get his spear within range.  The bear seemed trained.  He was very polite and cordial.  Quite handsome, too.  I don't know why anyone would want to harm such a fine specimen.  I think I'll stay in bear form for a while, just to be polite.  It's always more comforting to have one of your own kind around, and I think this form pleases him.

thank god for rangers

 Well one thing is for sure glad to have ranger girl with us cause if not we were gonna be toast there a couple of times, and who decided to go by boat hmmmm. Me thinks the priest is trying to get us killed or me killed faster. Next time we go by boat I am gonna be in the crows nest tied to it.  Finally made landfall and of course get attacked by an octopus thank the gods it wasn't able to get in all its attacks or we would have been dead, feels like gm is out to get us, sounds familiar wonder if gm and priest are related he he he.
 Now as far as being a mage of somesort looks like wizard would be better suited for me, but will talk amongst our group today I guess on that subject. Perhaps in our travels to the other town we are headed to I will have figured out what I will be.

 Well enough said for now

 alton highhill

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tim log

Jounal log,
               Well, my first water travel.It went by quickly,but some for some dangerous
               creatures i have never seen before up CLOSE! A giant shark was a eye opener
               since i found my self overboard.The second was small compared to the third
               for we allmost lost our ranger to a giant squid.But travel has been much quicker.
               I wonder if that is a good thing?

Monday, May 12, 2008

staying alive

 Okay yes I barely made it out alive again, I see I am gonna have to either tie a rope to the fighter or make hand gestures on which direction to go and not split us up like that last battle in the bell tower. I don't mind taking on attacks but being flanked and sneak attacked several times tends to make my decisions hesitant, like should I go now or stay and fight, he he he. Well one more floor up to check and then guess down or till we find the one person we are looking for in here. Oh well at least the druid has come back to his body so to speak and able to cast more spells to aid us, and that priest come onnnnn work with us lad, only kidding. But thanks to the fighter we nearly took that creature down.

 alton highhill

Monday, May 5, 2008

Tims notes

Journal log,
                Well our next stop seems to be a saw mill.We rested and then after talking
                with many,many,many people we finally found our way to it.We looked around
                a little and then opened the door.At first everthing looked ok, the mill was still
                running,but our first encounter was strange at best.Hooded and masked people
                attacked us.Casters they were.What seemed like a close battle at several times
                making our way through the mill,we encountered the leader.Dispaching him
                and searching the place turned up carrier birds,notes, and letters.They talked
                about Iron briar,at the shadow clock,receiving payment for a viral legacy,and
                a group called wenton of natural pagon form.The ones we fought here were
                skinsaw cultist,with necro masks.Something else the druid has been acting
                very weird these last 2 days,not himself if you know what i mean.We are
                heading back to town and find out were the shadow clock is from the birds.
                I guess we will see what is next.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Still No clue

 We seem to have made it through another adventure, and of course still no clue whats going on except making money from these guys. We did learn theres more necromancy involved with this group now that we are dealing with. And of course running into spending more money too for getting things done as well since we are in a bigger town, next time if it costs this much I vote to go to the smaller town hmmm. But there is one less lumber mill as well now, this one will run out of work for now that is. Still have to deal with the leader which now the druid has finally found out where he is, so we should stock up more on potions and what not and charge up the wands as well. The druid didn't do much this time as usual except she did get the wolf out to help, the fighter got cursed which was bad enough and the cleric jumped around helping me and the fighter out, where as I was the only one doing any damage to him at all.

 alton highhill

Monday, April 28, 2008


Journal log,
                Well,we were still unable to release this house of its curse.We gathered what
                we could of the clues and headed for town.Were hiring a historian with the
                hope that he will shed some light on it.Another clue was also picked up that
                will send us to the city.I missed figuring out the birds that guard the house to,
                The city is much bigger ,we think to go more discetly to this house.We were
                attack by faceless things as we searched.Found a hidden nook which we had
                a key.The deeds to two houses and another clue? Were going to rest now and
                check this place in morning.Another lumber mill!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Haunted mansion

 Take it from the priest that we get a haunted house to go back too and try and clear out and of course necromancy at that. But the masks of disguise are very nice thank you, and of course the ring of jumping as well. But what do we do we jump from one haunted house to another one with someone waiting for us as well at this condo, but at least they weren't undead. And of course with all this knowledge of whats going on at the mansion back at that little town and what we fought, we should be better equipped to deal with whats back there as well. Maybe the priest this time will be able to heal me better then 5 health back or 7 health back, hint hint to the priest heh.

 But now of course we have to search for the brotherhood of seven and eradicate them it seems, and also find this lumber mill explained in the ledger we found too. Oh what troubles we always seem to find ourselves in.

 yours truly the slow at opening boxes,

    alton highhill

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

last minute I know

 Well all we squeaked out of that one barely and yes I know now to not try and flank undead since they can't be flanked yes yes thank you I know. And this house is definitely cursed we need the priest to do something maybe go outside and bless it heh yeah right I know. Maybe this week we can try and not get the druid killed off okay maybe just a wee bit let me first rob her of the gold shes carrying. It is either the rats or the undead she is trying to talk too perhaps she should have been the priest since the priest can't even stay out of the fight of being almost killed. What we need to do here is fight humans, live creatures that I can sneak attack not these blasted rat swarms or undead creatures, hint hint. Now after this house we should definitely hit the town back up for more supplies and roam to a bigger town to unload some items as well, and maybe just maybe get some rings that helps our skills out, like agility for one.

 well enough said for now,

  Mr. Highhills here.aka getting better thief

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The curse ALIVE

Journal log.
                The curse seems to be still in effect.We still have not succeded in finding
                the source.Nightmares keeping us from getting rest.Party members seeing
                strange things,hearing as well.Our thief burst to flame in one instance.
                We must find the power some how.Then the house will be cleansed.Hope
                its found before we all go mad!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Journal log<
               We traveled to the mansion that has been said is haunted.Arriving we found what
               looks like the servants building burnt to the ground,There is oddly no living things
               here but weird looking crows.Moving on to the mansion our thief tries to open and
               then pick the lock with no success.We then check through our keys and one fit.
               Darkness, the whole place and some kind of fungus everywhere.We started 
               checking rooms and odd things started happening to us,and the crying voice.
               continuing to search for the voice led us to the top floor where we found a spirit
               I think of some sort trapped in a room. We let it out and followed it down,down
               to a very old stairway though the floor.Still following we ran into goblins,of
               the dead kind.Killing them again we ran to find her ,past a door and found
               her unmoving on the floor in front of a table where sat the owner,of the dead
               kind.He still went on about wanting our druid to be with him always! We killed
               him ,but now the search through the rest of the house.Maybe the curse lifted.

between 0000-00-00 and 9999-99-99  


Okay seems we did seem to squeak out of some more fights and of course no one has knowledge local, guess thats what I will have to grab next on my list.

master of somewhat thief he he he.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Old houses and sobbing women

I think we've come to the root of the unnatural influence in this area.  We went to the old hunter's house.  It was a rather elaborate domicile.  Apparently, he garnered influence in this area to leverage its purchase.  Unfortunately, this place seems to be infested with the undead.
Upon entering the house, we immediately heard sobbing sounds.  We followed the sounds to a room where an undead woman was crying.  When we opened the door, she immediately left to go downstairs.  Out of curiosity, and hopefully learn more of this place, we followed her.  This was rather difficult, because we had to fight our way through some undead goblins.  They were even more foul than their living counterparts, if you can believe that.
When we finally reached the lady apparation, she was already dispatched of by the owner of the house who, himself, was undead.  Apparently, after getting possession of this house, he was overtaken by the evil influences here.  A part of him still lived in his body, and came through for a moment during our struggle with him.  Eventually, we killed him, or re-killed him, or whatever the words are for making a dead person more dead again.
Now we have to clean out the rest of this house, so the attacks on the town will cease.  Perhaps how that we've gotten rid of whatever was possessing that man's body, the rest will be easier to handle.  I suspect that he was the controlling influence in this area.\

Friday, April 4, 2008

March of the Scarecrows

Well, we figured out who's behind all the killings around here.  Apparently, it's that dolt who wanted me to go boar hunting with him.  Today, we followed did some research into the killings, but didn't find much.  However, one of the notes hinted that it was this hunter wannabee.  We also trudged around the local farms where some ghouls hung the local citizenry on poles like scarecrows while their vile disease took over their bodies.  I think we cleaned most of them out and managed to save one woman and her son.  Now it's off to purge this town of an undead hunter wannabee (some kind of duke or count or something, as if it matters).  Join his pack?  Not in this life!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

thank god for priests

 Well finally the priest has shown his true colors on able to do something for our side on turning the undead. And the druid does what puts someone on his horse so he can't use the horse to attack, but was able to save the girl and boy it seems. And now we are back in the thick of things after figuring out who was sending her the love letters to join him. Now to finally end this threat of undead in the area cut off the head of the leader and perhaps the rest will fall, well at least be easier to kill then I hope.

  master of thieves
  alton highhill

Friday, March 28, 2008

Re: Death of the claw lady

Nuevela's Diary:
Today, we found an, as yet, undiscovered part of this place.  It even surprised the witch lady / scholar.  There was some kind of old apparation that tried to tell us something.  Apparently, it was an older Thessalonian ruler, and the lady was able to fill us in on some of the details.  However, her scholarly curiousity wasn't strong enough to overcome her fear when we met another unnatural beast in this place.  It managed to stay invisible while it attacked us, nearly killing me.  I feel so naked without my animal companion down here with me.
Afterwards, we went back to town and were given a warm reception.  We introduced our intrepid mercenary to the local authorities, who gave him a job there.  Hopefully, his luck in picking companions will improve in the future.  Of course, our heightened respect in this town has also made them think they can burden us with all of their problems.  We're currently trying to track down a petty murder for them.  Though, in looking at it, it seems to have yet more unnatural aspects to it.
More filth to rout out...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lucky for us

Well like the title says lucky for us we had that other fighter on our side this time again, but if we ever catch up with that mage shes gonna die. And thanks to the druid and myself we made it through another tough spot. And maybe this time the cleric and our dwarven friend might show up in the whole body this time And what do we do go and get ourselves in another mess as usual. Maybe this time there are boxes for me to pilfer hmmm hint hint, well this is my brief encounter will send another one soon.

  somewhat master of thieves
   Alton Highhill aka greg

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Journal log
               Well we finally found the one we were looking for.She also had company,
               our not friends we ran into down here.He is a fighter,she a mage and a
               hound of some sort.It looked bad at first cause the thief was scared off,
               the druid went after him.I was stuck in the a corner as with the fighter,
               and when I saw him fall all was lost.The odds changed when the fighter
               changed sides things ,the hound died,the fighter was healed and that
               mage ran which just made it a matter of time.I just cant think of why she
               did that to herself.We are continuing on but we werent sure of the two,
               so we took there weapons and tied them up and are continuing on.
               I pray for us to set this right.

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Journal log
               Well we finally found the one we were looking for.She also had company,
               our not friends we ran into down here.He is a fighter,she a mage and a
               hound of some sort.It looked bad at first cause the thief was scared off,
               the druid went after him.I was stuck in the a corner as with the fighter,
               and when I saw him fall all was lost.The odds changed when the fighter
               changed sides things ,the hound died,the fighter was healed and that
               mage ran which just made it a matter of time.I just cant think of why she
               did that to herself.We are continuing on but we werent sure of the two,
               so we took there weapons and tied them up and are continuing on.
               I pray for us to set this right.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Barely making it out alive

 Well we made it out alive again just barely well almost we still have another area to search. And thanks to the other guy coming to our side was a deciding factor, plus failing twice my saves didn't help either. I still want to kill the mage, we should always remember mistakes like that come back and bite us in the arse somehow. Well we didn't pick a person as the hero of this group again. Its a toss up actually I would pick the priest cause if he didn't keep us alive we wouldn't have made it through as well, and yes the fighter NEEDS to buy some healing potions. Okay you can take the mage to the town and let her stand trial for aiding someone that organized the attacks on the town.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Death of the claw lady

We continued on our task, routing out this place of those unnatural demons.  The rogue is finally making himself useful.  He found some traps alone the way.  I had to leave me horse in the upper levels as we descended to the lower rooms.  The stairway was too narrow.

Down below, we found that guy we saw in the room, the researcher, another of those demon dogs, and a lady with a claw hand.  That researcher (I hesitate to call her the "B" word, because I like dogs more than that) attacked us along with the others.  Eventually, though the guy turned on his own group, apparently fed up with being with them.  He aided us in bringing down claw lady and her dog demon.

From her notes, we determined she was some kind of celestial gone demonic.  Another product of a bad childhood.  I think it's good she killed her dad, considering what he unleashed on the world.  I never was one to respect man's religions.  Nature has its own order, which must be respected.  We managed to take research lady alive and apparently the guy has some kind of crush on her, so we're not going to kill her right away.  I think the theif wants her dead, so I wouldn't take bets on her survival.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Journal log
Well onward we go.We have been doing great so far.We meet a woman down
here saying she was doing research.Its a strange place to do that surrounded
by these creatures,like that barbed tenticly thing.Then we meet another person
down here.This seems a little weird.I dont think I could ever live like this.so
I wonder whats next.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

More abominations purged

We cleared out the first floor and most of the second of the abminations in this place. I also learned that our party can actually meet people without killing them. There was a researcher down below who seemed neutral to the whole thing. She seemed concerned more about us damaging anything than any other denizens of this place. There was also a mercenary type who seemed to enjoy his privacy. That's fine. Mercenaries can be bought. Men rarely have loyalties to men.

Also, Shadowmist has fully accepted me as a companion. He's a bit cramped down in this place, but holds his own. I'm worried that he won't be able to follow to certain areas, but the researcher seems trustworthy enough.

It looks like the men here have been favoring other abominations here. There was an altar room of sorts with some nasty unnatural doglike creatures. The people doing this, of course, will have to die.

Fort of Woes

Well seems we have lived another week no one died yet, but the priest sure tried too, and of course this time the druids horse didn't get smacked around. And yes I made sure I checked everything this time so I didn't get blown up from anything. We still are having troubles with the dwarf he still likes to charge in a room while we are still making sure nothing is there to hurt us. Also we are finding out this fort has more to offer, first we find a mage reading ancient scrolls then theres a resident here as well renting out a room. And from what she said there are at least a couple others around here, I would like to know what they are doing here, now why are we the ones being attacked and not the humans here in the fort.

We have also uncovered up what seems to be a map on the second level that shows what they are planning on doing in the next couple of months as attacking the town. Also found a secret entrance to the third level and after clearing up the second level I think we should travel back that way and clear out this place once and for all. And hopefully we will be a wee bit stronger as well taking on what lies on the third level. Perhaps we can turn this fort into something the town can use to aid them in case of another attack on them, or a good launching pad to search out more goblins, but of course we would sell it to them can't just give this away since we are the ones doing all the work here.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Loyal beasts, callous men

My companion lived up to his spirit and bravely attacked the goblins that tried to ambush us again at the bridge. Unfortunately, he, too, gave his life in defending nature against these abominations.

I'm troubled, though. On the way back to town, I overheard them going on and on about how "lucky" we were in that none of our party members died. None died?! I'm sure nobody in our group could pronounce their names, but those brave spirits who joined me in combating those infernal goblins were known to me! And those animals spoke highly of our group, though in hindsight, they were right to distrust them some. And this group calls itself civilized?!

One bright note... We did find a great war horse named Shadowmist, who I will also call Gobfoot, because he managed to bring down more goblins under his hoof than we have total. I sure hope this group treats him with more respect. I shall endeavor win his trust and make him my loyal companion.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another companion bravely defends us

When the rest of the party hesitated to traverse the bridge, my brave wolf companion lead the way. He held off the awaiting ambush for a long time while the rest of the party mostly managed to join in the defense after the goblins' flimsy bridge collapsed. Unfortunately, he gave his life in his duty.

On the bright side, I've managed to befriend and tame one of the goblin's poor abused animals. He will be my new companion and join me in pushing back this goblin infestation. I can only imagine the hatred he has towards those creatures. He will be a good ally. He has a fighting spirit.

Earlier, I managed to free other such animals penned in that grove. It's a shame how they were treated. These goblins deserve their fate.
Journal log
Well that was another close call.My inexperience has shone though once again.
Charging across a little bridge to help,maybe a little careless.Eh live and learn.
Being sheltered by my adopted parents when Mom and Dad died.Our wagon attacked
by strange creatures I still don`t remember, except for the nets they used.I still have
that fear of being captured,wonder if any of them noticed my fear of the spiders.
Well on the up note no one died.Although did have a bellyflopping hafling jump off
bridge.This castle with lookouts we might need help with,so I said we should return
to town.I hope my little incident has cooled down a little.Wow she was the fastest
shedder of cloths I ever seen boobs, hair,lips,and a screaming mad dad.Sure wish
he would have let me explain that I was there cause of the rats,honest.I`ll pray on it.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Attack of the killer bridge

Okay next time no rushing over bridges that are creaky, or stairs as well. Seems when a certain priest is trying to get me killed says go ahead theres nothing over there even though I might have had a better chance of knowing of an ambush. And thanks to the druid for saving your skins till you got over there to even it out. But we should get more aid if we plan on going back to the island, or move up again at least, and we should get more supplies: grappling hook, healing potions for myself since the priest is trying to get me killed. Now also good job on getting there pets released on the top there too so hopefully won't run into too many more of them up there as well. From now on I guess I will have to look at things more closely now too.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Attack on Thistletop

Since both Greg and Eric posted last week, they each get a Hero Point.

The PCs came to a bridge to the island where the goblins have a fortified outpost.

They attempted to cross the bridge, but the bridge fell (oops, a trap).

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All but the Quasit

We continued to slog through that miserable underground. Those un-natural monsters we met before kept trying to grab at us from underneath the catwalk. We kept seeing signs of the perversion of nature that men are capable of. There were contorted skeletons with multiple arms. At one point, we even met one of the creatures, a half gnome, half goblin monstrocity which we quickly put out of its misery. In pits around the creature were zombies, probably leftovers from previous experiments.

Then we came to demonic rooms with other examples of the strange perversion of nature. One had its gravity altered, so that things floated in the middle of it. Another had strange pools of red liquid that bubbled. Our Don Juan was insistent on collecting samples of the warped substance.

We finally got out to the surface, back into the natural world. In town, we regrouped, then set out on an expedition to help the enforcer of the town to check out another band of goblins. We found some hidden craftily behind thorns. Our band is currently rooting them out. They finally found the politeness to mention their names, so eventually I'll have to make an effort to remember them. For now, we do have similar enemies. Gre

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

That was close

So far it is going well for us, but we did forget to vote for the hero point. And being a rogue and all I figure I should steal it from everyone this time, okay steal is a harsh word. How about sleight of hands then into your pockets I go. And yes good idea to come back to take out the quassit, but now we know where they are coming from down here at least, and what else do they protect down here then as well.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

First Session Open Post

In the first session, the PCs didn't even meet each other before they were thrown right into the action. Then they really didn't have a chance to catch their collective breath before they were accosted again.

Due to a lackluster diplomacy check, the PCs cannot buy anything from the General Store and suffer -2 to diplomacy and gather information checks. But, other than that, the PCs are still considered local heroes.

The players can either post a new article describing their PCs actions and POV, or they can comment on this post.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hero Points redux

The prior post about hero points made sense, but was way too complicated.

Here is the latest version which will be effective today!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hero Points

I read an interesting article (about the Living Death campaign) about hero points.

I like the first part, about how you get Hero Points

Earning Hero Points

PCs earn Hero Points by acting bravely, selflessly, daringly and dramatically. The judge determines whether a PC has earned a Hero Point for any particular action; but since defining these qualities is difficult, here are some general guidelines about what do not and what do constitute heroic actions:
  • Heroic actions are not hesitant or calculated. A soldier whose companions must persuade him to confront a deadly assassin to save an NPC from death is not heroic. An adept who pauses to consider whether his spells will be more effective than weapons against the champion before agreeing to fight him is being brave, but not heroic. Heroism is courageous, not scheming.

  • Heroic actions are not performed for personal benefit. If two PCs struggle with each other to reach the limelight, then neither may receive a Hero Point: "I'll swing down and scoop the ambassador off the deck of the assassin's ship!" "No, I'll be the one to do it! The senator is watching!" Furthermore, when a PC performs an act which has an obvious reward (fighting the assassin to take his antique scimitar) no Hero Point is awarded. If the PC expects a reward for his action ,then it is not heroic. Heroism is selfless, not selfish.

  • Heroic actions are not safe and easy. A PC must face and realize she faces a serious threat for an action to be heroic. Thus, a detective who leaps into a pit of vipers to save a fallen comrade is acting heroically -- unless she thinks she is immune to the poison or that the vipers are no real threat. A reporter who rushes across a rope bridge to save a young boy from an imminent landslide is heroic only if he has a real chance to fall or be caught in the landslide -- and knows it. Heroic actions are dangerous and difficult.

  • Heroic actions are not mechanical and bland. If a player simply declares, "Oh, I guess McEwan will fight the thugs," then the judge shouldn't award a Hero Point. On the other hand, a player who accepts a challenge with real panache is acting heroically: "Stand back, you villain! Your evil plan ends now!" Heroism is grand and dramatic.

In addition, I'd like to add that players can get a Hero Point for writing a back story of their character and posting it here on the blog.

And, if a player writes a blog entry after each session describing from the PC's point of view what happened in the past session, I may assign a Hero Point for that.

Also, if the other players unanimously nominate a player as MVP (Most Valuable Player), that player will receive a Hero Point.

I'd like to experiment with an alternative version of Hero Points.

  1. Each player can receive at most one Hero Point per session
  2. The player using the Hero Point will give it back to the DM for further use.
  3. The DM will consult his Table of Hero Point Results to determine the results. The results may include
    • Reroll of a die of the player's choice
    • Add (or subtract) 1d6 from the last roll
    • Add (or subtract) 2d6 from the last roll (obviously rarer)
    • Permanent increase in hit points (rarer yet)
    • Increase in random ability score (rarest)
  4. The player may use multiple Hero Points to obtain more powerful heroic bonuses on the Table of Hero Point Results
I've only just begun to think about what should be on the Table of Hero Point Results. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

I'll be updating the Hero Point rules and posting them on the blog.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Lets see how we fair in this big world of runelords, and who will die first.

Now lets see I guess I am the first blogger now. Now guys you are weak since I am the first one.